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Mailing List

NMUG runs a general email list to which any member can post to exchange news, hints and chat. This is the main forum in which the group operates.

To send a message to the list, use the list address at main@NMUG.groups.io

This is a moderated list so if you are not yet a member, your message and your address will have to be approved by the list moderators.

New members receive login information to the list's web site.

Valid topics of conversation include anything relating to Apple products or services, software, Internet connection issues and digital security.

While other topics are welcome, please add either [CHAT] (those are square brackets) or #CHAT to the subject line of your message.

We're all friends here so we are polite to each other and bad language is frowned upon. However, the expression of anger at problematic suppliers, unsympathetic internet service providers, irritating software bugs or ailing hardware is to be encouraged.